Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the road to Eugene

We made it to Eugene today and had a nice dinner at Davis's restaurant before settling on the porch swing of our B&B for some crocheting and knitting. The drive from southern California was beautiful. I am always amazed by the diversity in terrain in the state of California. Here are just a few of the roadside attractions that we enjoyed:

Last night we stayed in Ashland, which is such an adorable little town. We always eat at Pangea, which offers a variety of foods for vegans and carnivores alike. We enjoyed some shopping in the different independently owned shops this morning before hitting the road to Eugene.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Getting ready for Black Sheep Gathering

I have been absent from this forum for about a year now, but I haven't been away from fiber. Last summer you could usually find me at my new Schacht Baby Wolf loom. During the fall, I prepared for the Holiday Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles. In the winter, I bought a Hansen miniSpinnner, and spent many hours enjoying electrified spinning. When spring rolled around, I began to prepare in earnest for Black Sheep Gathering. And that brings us to today.

My friend, Lori Lawson of Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio, and I will begin our road trip to Eugene, Oregon for Black Sheep Gathering in a few days. I am busily putting the final touches on my fibers, yarns, and patterns for the show. I have many new colorways this year, as well as a new shawlette pattern. I can hardly wait to hit the road!