Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Orange County Fair

Mid-summer in the OC means that it is fair time again. We always look forward to the fair and enjoy going to see the animal barns and the Home Arts building. For the first time ever, I entered some of my handspinning and knitting into the arts and crafts competition. And I won! I can hardly believe it! In fact, I received 2-1st place ribbons, 1-2nd place ribbon, and the Division Winner award for handspinning! I am over the moon with excitement! I feel very honored that my work made the cut. I am currently writing up the pattern for the handspun hat, and will make it available through Etsy and Ravelry once it is completed.

Here is the hat - 1st place and Division winner!

My yarns are the two on the outsides (1st and 2nd place, respectively). My friend Pam won 1st place in the exotic fibers category for her beautiful handspun yarn (in the middle).
Handspun yarn

In addition to the awards, I was able to track down a farmer who had some wool for sale. On our final visit to the fair, we walked through the animal barns yet again. This time, we met Jennifer from Hillside Cottage in Norco, California who was changing the coats on her Angora goats. I bought 8 ounces of yummy merino/mohair/angora (50/30/20) roving from her. Hillside Cottage raises each of these animals themselves, and this roving has a lovely oatmeal color. I am really looking forward to spinning it up. I think that I will spin a lace yarn and make a Pi Shawl (a la Elizabeth Zimmermann).

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spinning with Friends

Yesterday, my friends Lori and Karen hosted spinning at Lori's house to celebrate my recent wedding. We had a great time! I always feel so inspired by other spinners! The weather was lovely, and Lori's garden was in full bloom. We enjoyed a few hours of spinning, and lunch in the garden (including Margie's homegrown tomatoes, Lori's pasta salad with fresh herbs, and Karen's wonderful cake - yummy!). Thanks so much, Lori and Karen!

Spinning at Lori’s